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Web Development

STRD provides its clients with fresh new web designs that enhances their web presence, and at the same time, are easy to navigate and provide useful information to current subscribers.

Image by Clément H

Mobile App Development

STRD helps you build stable, user-friendly, custom applications that tap into your audience and allows you to invade the mobile marketing world

Image by Caspar Camille Rubin

Blockchain Development

STRD provides a wide range of services using Hyperledger and Ethereum as a platform for blockchain development. STRD delivers highly secure, trustworthy and private solutions in smart contract implementations

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Scientific Research and Development 

STRD helps users to keep on track with the rapid change and growth in IT by offering real-life solutions on the latest IT technologies. STRD investigates and provides security and privacy solutions to mitigate new arising threats

Newton's Pendulum
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